Our Strengths

Our Strengths

StrengthsFirst Class Capital is an independent, Australian owned, financial services company focused on delivering working capital solutions to small to medium sized businesses.

Being aligned with First Class Financial Group, together with our directors and senior management team, we have a wealth of experience in delivery financial services.

We are a customer solution focused organisation. With a national network of First Class Representatives, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet our clients at their locations when convenient and maintain a personalised close working relationship. We are a network of people and not branches.


Point of Difference

Point-Of-DifferenceProviding financial services to businesses is our business. We don’t do personal loans or mortgages. We a specialist provider of working capital solutions and we do it better than anybody.

Just compare the traditional invoice financing approach to that available from First Class Capital.


Traditional Invoice Financing

With regards to financing debtors, there are two core product alternatives in the market place These are listed below. Both are sources of working capital and basically nothing else!

With regards to financing trade creditors (i.e. Invoices due for payment), businesses use traditional funding sources like bank overdraft facilities or equity capital.

Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance provides clients with access to cash flow locked up in their unpaid invoices.

Debtor Finance provides finance and receivables collection, but from a business owners perspective, almost always involves the provider of finance dealing with customer. This has the potential to interfere in the client-customer relationship. This is one of the key shortcomings of traditional debtor finance or “factoring”.

Invoice DiscountingInvoice-Discounting

Invoice discounting provides clients with access to cash flow locked up in unpaid invoices without their customer’s knowledge.

Rarely available to SME’s, Invoice Discounting Facilities are designed for larger organisations with sophisticated accounting and collections systems due to the client maintaining the core collections task.


The First Class Capital Way

At First Class Capital, our financing role is not disclosed to your trading partners. In that regard our funding is confidential.

At First Class Capital, unlike other lenders, we don’t stop at providing funding. We provide supporting services so that together your business can get a total working capital solution.

Property-SecurityOur Credit Facilities are flexible and we do not require property security

Our security requirements do not interfere with other funding arrangements and we don’t charge credit application, line fees or undrawn fees.

As most of our clients say, why would you not have a credit facility from First Class Capital?

Contact us to see how we can help your business.