Working Capital Management

Unlock and Manage Your Working Capital

First Class Capital’s products provide businesses with innovative working capital management solutions.

Whether you’re financing trade creditor or trade debtor invoices, unlocking working capital within your business will allow you to increase inventory levels, meet other financial obligations or manage your trade creditors differently.Charts

Imagine being able to access the funds that are locked up in unpaid invoices and trade accounts! Our sales finance products are the ideal alternative to, or compliment to, trade accounts. We can settle up to 100% of the invoice amounts within 24 hours.

Are you on the other side of the fence and constantly juggling cash flow and payments in order to meet your own financial obligations? Our creditor finance products are perfect to make sure you keep your suppliers happy!

At First Class Capital we are customer focused and understand that your relationship with your customers and suppliers is paramount. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer undisclosed or confidential funding options for businesses of all sizes, not just large corporates. We do not interfere with the relationship between trading partners.

For a variety of reasons, many business owners choose not to invest in bricks and mortar security. Our security requirements do not interfere with other funding arrangements and we don’t charge line fees or undrawn fees.

Looking to improve the way you manage your businesses cash flow? Contact us today to see how we can help!