Sales Finance

Sales Finance Solutions

SparcFirst Class has disclosed and undisclosed sales financing solutions designed to increase sales and deliver working capital. We have products suitable for both B2B and B2C applications.

Providing your customers with zero interest instalment payment plans will provide your business with a competitive advantage and increase your sales.

Your clients with the ability to pay invoices easily and online through your very own advanced, secure and company branded Payment Gateway.

Sales-FinanceWith Positiv or SPARC;

  • The process is initiated at the point of sale.
  • There are instant approvals.
  • 24 hour settlement of your invoice is available.
  • We can take on the customer credit risk.
  • All payments are collected and processed on your behalf.
  • There is no paperwork and no hassle.
  • No property security is required.
  • The funding can be delivered undisclosed, depending on the product.

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